A Film about…

The Sea

Merchant Navy personel contribute to the whole market by distributing goods all over the world, although, they are determined to spend the majority of their lives onboard ships. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Deck Officer, an Engineer, or an Ordinary Sailor. What matters is that you are away from home trying to provide for your family.


In the year of 2020 Goverments all over the world had to apply safety measures due to the spread of Coronavirus. The most common was Quarantine. A new challenge as everyone had to stay in their residence for long periods of time, working remotely.


Today’s culture demands people who are willing to climb the ladder, to sucrifice the most part of their personal lives and needs.


As technology is evolving, human beings become more and more isolated. Depression and loneliness are major problems all people are going through lately leading to the feeling you’re watching your own life through a window.

Modern Ethics and Ideals

The most important source of security is money. High ranks and Top management positions provide better salaries, but demand more time of your life and fill you up with a ton of responsibilities. That is the eternal loop of today’s average person, “Work to live and Live to work”

“I really liked the message of the movie. The feeling it leaves you with. It might help enough people to make better “decisions” in their lives, overturning the obvious facts of a sterile society.”

George Louridas
Director of Agrinio International Film Festival

The Plot

A young woman is eager for a promotion but she is trapped in her home because of Coronavirus measures.

Her obsession for fame and recognision will lead to her personal breakdown making her question her own basic beliefs…

“Is it worth to spend your life for money?”


Directing Method

“Initially, the light facing the protagonist is cruel, as is her life in her empty house. She turns the house into a company’s office. The pressure that she feels, beyond the colors and the narrow space, is also stated in the editing.
Quick cuts are used to increase its internal tension.”
… “The sterile environment is filmed in gray tones that tend towards white. Tones will become warmer after the quarantine ends.”

George Louridas
Director of Agrinio International Film Festival


How it was made

1. Screenplay

The most important Step

♦ Duration: 6 days
♦ 30 pages

2. Storyboard

Everything under Control

♦ Duration: 7 days
♦ About 188 sketches

3. Shooting

Dedication and Passion

Duration: 5 days
♦ 37 Scenes
♦ 246 Shots
♦ Cameras Used: BMPCC 4k
(BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera
4k), GoPro Hero 9
♦ Microphone: Ronin NTG4plus
♦ Lenses (MFT): Panasonic Lumix G
25mm, Laowa 17mm
♦ Filters: Hoya UV, Hoya ND8
♦ Gymbal: Moza AirCross 2

4. Edit

Patience and Persistence

♦ Duration: A long, long time!
♦ Editing Programm: Davinci Resolve
♦ Soundtrack Equipment: AKAI MPK

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