This project was entirely planned in a small room in Athens, Greece. The whole preparation took about 13 days. The screenplay was written, then the storyboard was created. Then it was time for location scouting and figure out the clothing and the mood for the film.

Huge thanks to Maria Argyropoulou for her idea of the title. Like all her ideas, this one was also incredible.

Everything happened here. Setting deadlines is the key

The view from the window.
Not ideal but for sure adequate


The shooting couldn’t have happened without the passion of the team.
There were no rehearsals, or any preparation before or while on set.
Everything was “shot on the spot” with maximum 3 takes per shot.

Efthymia was on the set for two weekends. On both Fridays she came directly after work and she never slept until she left the set early on both Mondays for work again.

Lena came from another city, without actually knowing anybody and gave much more than her best self. We’re talking about true bravery and passion!

Pavlos never hesitated about the whole idea. He was positive from the very beginning. Always with a smile and good attitude.

Jim Stark is a mystery…

Alex was told about the project and he was immediately eager to learn the operation of all the equipment, including Camera, Gymbal, Microphone and Boom.

Thanasis is a great fellow seaman. He is a 3rd Engineer, we met onboard and he gave his voice for the “Doctor”. Wish I could have more colleagues like him.

Evangelia is another fellow seaman. A great young girl with so much potential and a good heart. She gave her voice for the “Company’s Secretary”.

Vartholomaios, one more fellow seaman, was one of the greatest cadets I ever had. Clever, with character, he gave the voice for the “Angry Neighbour”.


After the completion of the shooting, the editing was completed while onboard a vessel. It took much more time than it should, mostly because of the weird working hours and the limitations of the processing unit of the laptop which was used.
The Music was written and everything came together.

The final workstation.
Using Davinci Resolve for editing and an AKAI MPK mini for music composition

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